At Alemnis, we push the frontiers of numerous nanomechanical testing methods with a high-precision nanoindenter assembly and a range of complementary accessories, consumables, and controls. With full compatibility for both in situ and ex situ testing, the Alemnis Standard Assembly (ASA) can utilize a wide selection of applications to interrogate a diverse array of sample types for specific objectives.

The ASA boasts true displacement control and a unique range of strain rate options, making it highly compatible with key test methods in advanced materials testing analysis. Browse our full range of available test methods below, or contact a member of the Alemnis team today with any questions.

  • Micropillar Compression: Precise in situ compression of microscale pillars.
  • Ultra-High Strain Rate: Dynamic mechanical analysis of materials at strain rates exceeding 10’000/s.
  • Tensile Testing: Microscale testing of materials under tension.
  • Indentation: Industry-trusted nano and midroindentation testing.
  • Mapping: High-speed 2D nanoindentation mapping.
  • Beam Bending: Displacement-controlled cantilever beam bending on the microscale.
  • Fracture Toughness: Determination of small-scale fracture properties under loading.
  • Fatigue and Shock: Measure structural change in materials produced by cyclical stress/strain.
  • Impact Testing: Quantify the effect of high impact energies on materials under test.
  • Creep: Assess indentation depth over time relative to a constant load force.
  • Stress Relaxation: The gradual reduction in stress over time when strain remains constant.
  • Scratch Testing: Real-time observation of scratch deformation phenomena.
  • Tribology: Measure critical tribological properties in a range of configurations.
  • Combined Analysis
  • DMA: Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA): characterize the mechanical properties of materials under dynamic and cyclic conditions.