Cryogenic Testing

Alemnis pioneered in situ micromechanical experiments at low (cryogenic) temperatures, and has ever since continued the development to provide convenient and reliable experimenting. The Alemnis LTM-CRYO module utilizes liquid nitrogen to cool the sample and the tip down to temperatures as low as -150 °C while it can also be heated up to 200 °C.  This add-on module was developed and optimised with the aim to provide a unique solution for cryo in situ micromechanical testing of all kinds of materials and features:

  • Highest temperature stability
  • Most precise thermal match between Tip and Sample
  • Minimal thermal drift
  • Constant system compliance across all temperatures

Selected Application Examples

Micropillar compression

Micropillar compression of of 1.4305 stainless steel at low temperatures reveals strain-induced martensite transformation,  as reported by Cios, G.  et al. (Metall Mater Trans A 48, 4999–5008, 2017). Micropillars were fabricated by Fs-Laser with a final FIB polishing.

Particle compression at -150 °C from 500 µm/s up to 5’000 µm/s


Cryogenic testing combined with high strain rates: Stainless steel particle compression. (Courtesy of Politecnico di Milano)


Nanoindentation of fused silica at low temperatures reveals the well-known trend of decreasing elastic modulus at increasing hardness.

High Strain Rates at Low Temperatures

Nickle at Low Temperatures & High Strain Rates (Schwiedrzik, J. et al. Mater. Des. 2022, 220, 110836.)

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