The Alemnis High Temperature Module (HTM) combines high performance, accurate temperature control, and time-tested robustness. The individual temperature control of the sample and the indenter tip ensure perfect temperature matching, which is paramount to reduce thermal drift to a minimum. The mechanical design is fully symmetric to further minimize differential thermal expansion and drift. For best cost-effectiveness in view of your application, we offer three models covering temperature ranges up to 400 °C (HTM-400), 800 °C (HTM-800), and 1000 °C  (HTM-1000). All models have an temperature control accuracy of < 0.1 °C.

The high temperature modules are retrofittable to the Alemnis Standard Assembly. It can also be used in air up to 200°C. For higher temperature, however, the Indenter should operate in vacuum (e.g. inside a SEM). To ensure safe and reliable operation, our high temperature models are actively water-cooled to keep the load sensor and actuation head at 25 °C, while heatshields cut down the amount of radiative heat loss to provide efficient heating.


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