The Liquid Cell (LIC) can be used for a wide range of experiments where the sample needs to be submerged in liquid. It is therefore used ex-situ with the Alemnis Standard Assembly (ASA) mounted vertically and the LIC mounted on the load cell. Some examples of how the LIC can be used are:

  • Submerging biomaterials in saline solution or Body-Mimicking Fluid (BMF) to evaluate their mechanical properties when hydrated
  • Electro-chemical tests where the indenter may be used as a current probe and the electrolyte (liquid) may be activated using an external potentiostat for corrosion or passivation studies
  • Studies of hydrogel meso-porous effects, i.e. how the mechanical properties change as a function of the level of hydration.
  • Tribological studies of interaction between the indenter and the sample when submerged in lubricant (liquid oil or grease)


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