Vacuum Transfer Module (VTM)

The Alemnis Standard Assembly (ASA) was developed with versatility as a core principle. The Vacuum Transfer Module (VTM) is an accessory module that expands this flexibility, enabling a safe work flow for air sensitive samples.

Compact and Retrofittable

The Alemnis Vacuum Transfer Module (VTM) is the most compact solution to shuttle air and humidity sensitive samples from a glove box to a SEM and back. A simple and robust design allows it to be fixed on the Alemnis Standard Assembly (ASA) without modification. The VTM can also be used alone without the nanoindenter to perform standard imaging or FIB cutting tasks of sensitive materials.

Working Principle

The Vacuum Transfer Module has approximate dimensions (L x W x H) of 60 x 40 x 40 mm. A sliding dovetail fitting allows quick mounting of the module on the Alemnis Indenter or directly on the Stage of an SEM or FIB. To open and close the drum-type mechanism, the unit ships with two battery powered controllers. One can be kept in a glovebox, while the other is used on the SEM via standard vacuum-feedthrough.

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