Desktop SEM solution

Typical desktop SEM configuration based on the Hitachi TM3030. 

Alemnis’ most compact design, the Alemnis Compact Assembly (ACA), allows the combination of the time-tested technology of the ASA with the compact Hitachi Desktop SEM TM3030. The integration is straight-forward, requires no modification of the instrument, and can be done quickly by any user, allowing the TM3030 to be used for standard SEM operation whenever necessary.

The advantages are:

  • no SEM experience or technician required
  • Magnification from 25x to 250’000x
  • Low-vac mode for non-conductive specimens
  • Compact footprint, no special infrastructure requirements


The ACA is also compatible with our High Strain Rate module, and can also be used ex situ for testing in air.

Application example: Testing the strength of glass structures produced by the selective laser etching process. [1]

As with all Alemnis indenters, also the compact solution for the desktop SEM feature True Displacement Control!

  • Perfect control of indentation depth and compression strain
  • Constant displacement speed thanks to piezoelectric actuation
  • Strain rates from 0.0001 s-1 up to 1’000 s-1
  • Load range from 4 µN up to 4 N


[1] Widmer, R. N.; Bischof, D.; Jurczyk, J.; Michler, M.; Schwiedrzik, J.; Michler, J. Smooth or Not: Robust Fused Silica Micro-Components by Femtosecond-Laser-Assisted Etching. Mater. Des. 2021, 204, 109670.

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