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New flyer for the MIT Tribology Course, 22-26 June 2020

This course presents current insights into tribology, focusing on such fundamental concepts as surface energy, elastic and elastoplastic deformation, micro-fracture, and surface interactions at the micro- and nano-scale.

Alemnis presents at the APMC in Hyderabad

Dr. Nicholas Randall presented “Recent innovation in in-situ extreme mechanics at the micro and nanoscale” at the 12th Asia-Pacific Microscopy Conference (APMC-2020) held 3-7 Feb 2020 in Hyderabad, India.

Another successful NanoX-Perience Seminar in Germany!

On 18th Dec 2019, Physical Electronics GmbH- Feldkirchen, held the last Seminar of the year 2019 dedicated to Nanoindentation, extended micro & nanomechanical testing. The speaker Tobias Schütz, presented the special features of the In situ Nanoindenter from Alemnis.

Come and see Alemnis on 3-5 Dec 2019 at MRS Fall, Boston, USA!

Come and see the latest from Alemnis on Booth 1209 at the Hynes Convention Center, 900 Boylston Street, Boston, USA Two important talks will also be given during this conference, as follows: (1) High strain rate compressive behavior of nanocrystalline …

New EMPA research using the Alemnis Ultra High Strain Rate (UHS) module redefines the theory of “glass flow”….

No one in the world has ever seen what we have measured,” says Rajaprakash Ramachandramoorthy. “We’ve tracked the breaking properties of glass further than any previous research team.” Raj – his nickname among colleagues – works in the Empa lab …

Alemnis presents in-situ tribology testing at the Swiss Tribology Technical Meeting

The annual meeting of SwissTribology (The Swiss Society for Tribology) was held on 12th Nov 2019 at Hightech Zentrum Aargau in Brugg. A talk entitled “Recent innovation in in-situ tribology testing at the micro and nanoscale” was given by Dr. …

Join the NanoX-Perience Nanoindentation seminar in Germany on 18th Dec 2019

Pushing the Frontier of Nano Mechanical Testing!Focus: Testing at high strain rate and high temperature conditions IN SEM and IN AIR Date: December 18th; 2019 Venue: 85622 Feldkirchen bei München, Salzstraße 8 Physical Electronics GmbH Website: Overview ❖ Learn …

More than 20 Alemnis presentations at ECI conference…

More than 20 presentations were made at the recent ECI Nanomechanical Testing meeting with data generated with an Alemnis Standard Assembly (ASA), confirming that Alemnis has become the tester of choice for in-situ mechanical properties testing. Many thanks to all …

Alemnis in China!

On the 6th Nov 2019, Dr. Nicholas Randall presented Alemnis technologies at a workshop in Beijing organized by Wise-Creative (Beijing) Instrument & Equipment Co.,Ltd. Many thanks to Darren and his team for putting together this successful event!

Ultra high speed mapping capability

Alemnis introduces ultra high speed mapping capability. This technique is revolutionizing the manner in which surface constituent properties can be characterized by nanoindentation. A combination of the Enhanced Controller (ECO) with the Ultra High Strain Rate (UHSR) module has enabled …

InnoSuisse HYSEMMEC project

Alemnis is proud to be an active partner in the InnoSuisse HYSEMMEC project. The proposed project aims to develop a new hybrid instrument that combines the high-resolution chemical and microstructural imaging of the table top SEM with the micro/nano mechanical testing capabilities of the Alemnis tester.

Welcome Dr. Nicholas Randall

Alemnis is very pleased to welcome Dr. Nicholas Randall who joins as Vice President Business Development. He brings with him a solid business background combined with 25 years in the surface mechanical properties testing field.