Alemnis is proud to be an active partner in the InnoSuisse HYSEMMEC project. The proposed project aims to develop a new hybrid instrument that combines the high-resolution chemical and microstructural imaging of the table top SEM with the micro/nano mechanical testing capabilities of the Alemnis tester. This provides a unique opportunity for researchers from both academia and industry to have an automated stand-alone hybrid instrument that can be used for extended hours to provide correlated mechano-microstructural property maps with unprecedented temporal and spatial resolution. This requires miniaturization of the Alemnis product to fit the limited chamber space of the table top SEM, redesign of the support electronics, implementing the controller using FPGA technology, developing a GUI that can integrate operation of both the SEM and the mechanical test platform, establishing the software-hardware interface for automated high speed mechano-imaging of surfaces and finally adapting the Alemnis material analysis software to obtain automated post-processed modulus and hardness spatial maps.