U-50Zr Microstructure and Property Assessment for LWR Applications

G. L. Beausoleil; M. N. Cinbiz; T. Yao; Y. Wang; F. D. Lemma; C. Adkins; T. Pavlov; W. J. Williams; R. Song; L. Capriotti


This project provides an initial assessment and research recommendations of U-50 wt.%Zr (U-50Zr) for its use as a light water reactor (LWR) fuel. This work based on the outcome of a recently funded exercise on the failure mode effects and analysis (FMEA) and the phenomena identification and ranking table (PIRT) to investigate high level nuclear fuel qualification metrics as derived by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.2172/1825221