Slip bands in lamellar TiAl during high cycle fatigue microcompression by correlative total strain mapping, diffraction orientation mapping and transmission electron imaging

T. E. J. Edwards; F. Di Gioacchino; A. J. Goodfellow; W. J. Clegg

International Journal of Fatigue 124 (2019) 520-527

Microcompression testpieces of a lamellar γ-TiAl alloy were high cycle fatigued up to 10 5 cycles at stress ratios of 0.5–0.7, to maximum stresses above and below the yield stress. The localised deformation was studied by nano-scale digital image correlation strain mapping of a Pt patterned side-face of the pillars. With crystal orientation mapping, the fatigue deformation lines were found to locate at the γ/γ and γ/α 2 lamellar interfaces. The deformation lines were closely spaced slip lines in transmission electron imaging. Gradients of shear strain developed along the deformation lines, increasing in magnitude as cycling progressed. Extensive transverse twinning also occurred.