In situ micromechanical testing of tungsten micro-cantilevers using HR-EBSD for the assessment of deformation evolution

J. Ast; G. Mohanty; Y. Guo; J. Michler; X. Maeder

Materials and Design 117 (2017) 265-266

In situ mechanical testing in combination with direct observation and analysis holds the key to enhanced understanding of deformation mechanisms in materials. Due to its high precision, good spatial resolution and practicality in scanning electron microscopes, electron backscatter diffraction is a powerful technique for probing the surface of crystalline materials. This paper reports in situ micro-cantilever experiments on single crystal tungsten performed inside a scanning electron microscope in combination with high angular resolution electron backscatter diffraction. The evolution of stresses reaching values in the GPa range, as well as the distribution of geometrically necessary dislocations were analysed in the loaded state, revealing the details of deformation behaviour.