In situ characterization of stresses, deformation and fracture of thin films using transmission X-ray nanodiffraction microscopy

G. Lotze; A. H. S. Iyer; O. Bäcke; S. Kalbfleisch; M. H. Colliander

Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 31 (2024) 42-54

The use of hard X-ray transmission nano- and microdiffraction to perform in situ stress and strain measurements during deformation has recently been demonstrated and used to investigate many thin film systems. Here a newly commissioned sample environment based on a commercially available nanoindenter is presented, which is available at the NanoMAX beamline at the MAX IV synchrotron. Using X-ray nanoprobes of around 60–70 nm at 14–16 keV and a scanning step size of 100 nm, we map the strains, stresses, plastic deformation and fracture during nanoindentation of industrial coatings with thicknesses in the range of several micrometres, relatively strong texture and large grains. The successful measurements of such challenging samples illustrate broad applicability. The sample environment is openly accessible for NanoMAX beamline users through the MAX IV sample environment pool, and its capability can be further extended for specific purposes through additional available modules.