Comparison study of internal stress measured by diffraction mapping and calculation using FEM

J. Gamcova; O. Milkovič; D. Németh; G. Mohanty; Š. Michalik; J. Wehrs; J. Bednarčík; C. Krywka; J. M. Breguet; J. Michler; P. Sovák; H. Franz

Key Engineering Materials 784 KEM (2018) 120-123

The measuring of internal stress has not only a great scientific aspect, but is particularly important for nondestructive description of component or products in industry. It is expected that exceeding of local mechanical limits in the material can have catastrophic consequences. In this paper is mapped the deformation field of amorphous material under the nanoindenter tip using diffraction in Debye- Scherrer geometry. Using the FEM analysis, it was modeled the deformation field in such material. There is a great match in between measured and calculated data. The result is pointing out on large limits of internal stresses measuring by conventional standard methods.