Ultra High-strain rate module, actuating 1-axis, sensing 1-axis, controlled strain rate up to 10’000 s-1 or higher:

(requires ECO)

The UHS-1-1 can reach the unique performances of controlled constant strain rate of 10’000 s-1 calculated for a 10 µm micro-pillar. In the case of indentation, the strain rate can be even higher (typical values are 70’000 s-1 at 100nm depth and 20’000 s-1 at 350nm depth).

The UHS-1-1 is also used for impact testing or fatigue testing up to a frequency of 10kHz. In this case, the SmarTip actuator and the piezostack actuator can be activated simultaneously, for example to apply a pre-strain superimposed with a fast-varying oscillation for fatigue testing.

The UHS-1-1 consists of:

  • A 1-axis piezotransducer (SmarTip actuator) to generate ultra-fast displacements over a range of more than 800 nm;
  • A second 1-axis piezotransducer (SmarTip sensor) operating as load sensor with very large bandwidth (from a few Hz to 10 kHz, 30 µN RMS noise, 1 N force range. The SmarTip sensor replaces the standard load sensor. The SmarTip operating as actuator and the SmarTip operating as load sensor can be mounted either on the tip side or the sample side;
  • A 1-axis SmarTip electronics box (pre-amplifier);
  • Very high performance multifunction I/O boards (up to 1M samples/s for load measurement and displacement generation);
  • A powerful high voltage amplifier to activate the SmarTip;
  • All mounts, flanges, cables and connectors (Lemo type, high vacuum compatible) for in SEM and in air operation;
  • Software modules for signal generation and force measurements.
Alemnis ultra high strain rate module


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