High Temperature Module

High Temperature Module

Alemnis nanoindenter nanoindentation High Temperature Module

The High Temperature (HT) module allows for the precision testing with the sample and indentation tip heated up to 800°C. The module has been engineered to minimize the energy put into the system allowing for a fast thermal stabilization and unprecedented long term stability, thanks to the deep R&D expertise of the Alemnis scientists.


  • Up to 800°C

    Retrofittable module allows users to perform experiments up to 800°C in vacuum environment and up to 200° in air

  • control loops

    Temperature setting and regulation by two independent control loops for the tip and the sample (resolution 10mK)

  • high stability

    Stabilization time of 3 hours once the indenter is already installed in SEM/vacuum and heated from room temperature to 800°C.

Technical specification

Maximum temperature range : 600°C in vacuum (200°C in air)

Typical drift at 600°C : 10nm/min

Typical stabilization time at 600°C : 3 hours

Indenter tip materials : Diamond, cubic boron nitride, sapphire, tungsten carbide, etc.

Ease to use : Easily exchangeable tips and sample

Temperature stability : 10mK resolution