High Dynamic Module

High Dynamic Module

Alemnis nanoindenter nanoindentation High Temperature Module

The High Dynamic (HD) module allows for dynamic testing with extremely high strain rates of up to 3'000 s-1 (under certain conditions 20'000 s-1). The High Dynamic module relies on the same piezo technology as the standard nanoindenter but with enhanced performances thanks to an optimized design.

Retrofitable to standard indenter

  • ultra high range

    Excitation and sensing up to 10kHz with amplitude up to 1µm and 10µN RMS noise along the three axis

  • Three axis measurements

    Actuations and sensing along three axis, exchangeable indentation tips

  • New experiments possible at the nanoscale

    Ultra high strain rate, up to 3’000 s-1 (micro-pillar compression)

Technical specification

Maximum strain range : 3000 s-1 (micro-pillar compression)

Sinus mode : 10kHz open loop

Actuating range : 0.7 µm axial, 1 µm x-y

Measuring range : 1N along three axis

Load noise floor : 30µN (RMS noise, measured at 200Hz)