Alemnis Nanoindenter

Alemnis NanoIndenter

Alemnis nanoindenter view from the top

    Displacement control primary mode advantageous for strain rate jump, relaxation tests and fracture analysis

  • Compact and Flexible

    Compact size 16cm x 6.5cm x 4.6cm which can be fitted in the majority of testing and imaging instruments and makes this instrument one of the most stable in the market


    Wide force range, positioning accuracy, extremely accurate tip to sample alignment, extremely high mechanical stability for long lasting experiment


    Short set-up times, portability for use in different set-ups and instruments, fully modular design for testing under high frequency or extreme temperature conditions


    Customizable control software allowing for maximum flexibility in test design and set-up


    Attractive price-performance ratio compared to existing products on the market

Alemnis nano indenter is unique in its intrinsic displacement control mode

About the product

The Alemnis nanoindenter is a compact and versatile instrument that can be integrated with numerous testing and imaging equipment and used in many different set-ups.

The Alemnis nanoindenter is compatible for in-situ use with Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM), and also for in-air use with for example Synchrotron beamlines or light microscopes.

It is also the only instrument on the market offering true displacement controlled mode which provides unparalleled flexibility, accuracy and true in-situ nanomechanical testing of many materials and in different applications.

The standard nanoindenter is fully retrofittable with upgrade modules for dynamic mechanical testing under high strain rates and testing under extreme temperature conditions.

Main specification

Primary indentation mode : True displacement

Indentation range: 35 µm

Displacement noise floor : <1nm

Typical drift at room temperature : 5nm/min

Load range: 500mN standard / optional 1.5N

Load noise floor: 4uN / 12uN (measured RMS noise)

general specification

Tip to sample alignment range: 26 x 26 mm (x-y), 22 mm (indentation axe) 1.2nm resolution

Indentation tips : Berkovich, Cube Corner, Flat top, Wedge, Spherical, etc. Easily exchangeable

Indentation profile: Operator can freely define any profiles (displacement or load)

Sinus mode: 200 Hz in displacement mode (note: 20Hz closed loop bandwidth)

Input/output boards: Inputs: 50k samples/s, 24bits; outputs: 100k samples/s, 16bits

Type / Use: In Vacuum (SEM, partial vacuum, inert atmosphere) and In Air

Support or any questions ?

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High Dynamic Module

The High Dynamic Module relies on the same piezotechnology as the standard nanoindenter but with enhanced performances thanks to an optimized design.


High Temperature Module

The High temperature Module has been engineered to minimize the energy put into the system allowing for a fast thermal stabilization and unprecedented long term stability.