High temperature micropillar compression of fused silica up to 600°C with variable strain rates

High-temperature micro-mechanical properties are very difficult to predict and experiments are therefore imperative. This recent study on fused silica at temperatures up to 600 °C and variable strain rates (10-3 s−1 and 1 s−1) was realised with the Alemnis AG Standard Assembly (ASA) fitted with the High Temperature Module (HTM-1000). While miniaturization of glasses does lead to increased strength compared to bulk sizes, it is crucial to realize that softening of the material due to increased temperature will be pronounced already much below the glass transition temperature. Thanks to Remo Widmer, Alexander Groetsch, Guillaume Kermouche, Ana Diaz, Gilles Pillonel, Manish Jain, Rajaprakash Ramachandramoorthy, Laszlo Pethö, Jakob Schwiedrzik, and Johann Michler.

ScienceDirect paper here