Bump-shear test of a single semiconductor wire bonding showing delamination from an aluminium pad

Nice example of bump-shear test of a single wire bonding in #MEMS showing delamination from an aluminium pad.
The distance of 1.9 μm between tip and pad surface is imposed at the beginning of the test and kept constant while applying a lateral displacement with a rate of 0.5 μm/s.
The combination of SEM video and lateral load-displacement data offers a quantitative tool for R&D and QC in the #Semiconductor industry.
Testing set-up is composed of an #Alemnis Standard Assembly (ASA) equipped with a Lateral Force Sensor (LFS) and a custom made steel shear tip.
A collaboration with #STMicroelectronics Crolles, with thanks to @Sebastien Gallois-Garreignot and @Vincent Coutellier.

See the highspeed hardness mapping of semiconductor bonding pads here

Video speed 10x