HIGH-TEMPERATURE MODULERetrofitable to standard indenter


The High Temperature (HT) module allows for the precision testing with the sample and indentation tip heated up to 800°C. The module has been engineered to minimize the energy put into the system allowing for a fast thermal stabilization and unprecedented long term stability, thanks to the deep R&D expertise of the Alemnis scientists.

Up to 800 °C

Retrofittable module allows users to perform experiments up to 800°C in vacuum environment and up to 200° in air.

Control Loops

Temperature setting and regulation by two independent control loops for the tip and the sample.

High Stability

Stabilization time of 3 hours once the indenter is already installed in SEM/vacuum and heated from room temperature to 800°C.


Maximum temperature range : 800°C in vacuum (200°C in air)

Typical drift at 800°C : 10nm/min

Typical stabilization time at 800°C : 3 hours

Indenter tip materials : Diamond, cubic boron nitride, sapphire, tungsten carbide, etc.

Ease to use : Easily exchangeable tips and sample

Temperature stability : 10mK resolution

High-temperature Module
High-temperature Module HTM-800
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