Real time controller based on FPGA technology for high performance control loop (up to 5kHz frequency for the indenter with or without the VHSRM, and 100kHz with the optional UHSRM):

  • LapTop (dual core i3, 4GB RAM, Windows 10 or newer operating system);
  • Very high performance multifunction I/O boards (up to 1M samples/s for load measurement with the VHSRM and the UHSRM);
  • -30V to + 150V piezo amplifier for driving the indentation head;
  • Driver for micro-positioning system.

Optional I/O for HTM, UHSR and Auxiliary (4 inputs +/- 10 VDC, 2 inputs for strain gauges and 2 outputs +/- 10 VDC


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