The DH displacement head is available in three ranges up to a maximum of 100 µm. The displacement head piezo (DHP) actuator is easily interchangeable by the user in a couple of minutes. Available in the following bidirectional ranges:


DH-20 Displacement range up to 20 µm* (recommended for high strain rate)

DH-40 Displacement range up to 40 µm* (comes standard with ASA)

DH-100 Displacement range up to 100 µm*


*Range is bidirectional so can be used in both directions (compression or tension)


NOTE: Each DH comes with a dedicated piezo actuator. For example, the DH-20 is fitted with a piezo actuator for a 20 µm range. It is possible to retroactively fit other range piezo actuators to the same DH. Piezo actuators have the product code DHP-XX and can be ordered from the list in Accessories/Piezo Actuators

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