The Integrated Microscope is attached to the indentation head and allows easy tip to sample alignment when the system is not operating in a SEM:

    • Field of view: 1.6 x 1.2 mm
    • Working distance: 17 mm (motorized focusing)
    • Coaxial illumination
    • USB2 camera 1600×1200 pixels
    • Upgraded AMICS software functionalities to ease tip to sample alignment process;
    • Image grabbing software included
    • Tip-sample repositioning typically < 5 ┬Ám

IMI is not vacuum compatible so can only be used for ex-situ applications (e.g., Synchrotron Beamline, Bioindenter, Enclosure, etc)

NOTE: The IMI is a compact solution optimized for aiding tip-sample location. For high quality imaging, the OPT-MIC is recommended.

Example of IMI installed on an ASA in an X-ray beamline setup


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